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Melati is Asia’s First non-alcoholic aperitif, solving the problem of what to drink when you want it all : health, career & social life. It is crafted with 26 healing Asian botanicals to create a delicious drink that restores. Melati is just 12 calories per serve and was designed for general wellbeing, healthy blood flow and liver support. Join us as we cheers to the modern way to drink.

We like to drink Melati chilled spritz style – in a wine glass with ice, equal parts Melati and tonic water and topped with a slice of orange. Do check out our recipe page for ideas to impress loved ones and guests with
An aperitif is a drink for that 5-8pm wind down moment before dinner with some bites and good company. Stemming from the Latin word ‘aperire,’ (to open), aperitifs are associated with improved digestion and a touch of bitterness to prepare the stomach before a meal.

A deliciously complex blend of berries, citrus, spice and bitters. Rather than mimic a specific alcohol, we’ve selected unique and complex adult botanicals to delight your palate – sweet, salty, sour, bitter & umami. 

Goji and choke berries meet hibiscus and raw cacao for a comforting fruity floral nose. Bittersweet and complex, exotic spices of red kampot pepper, ginger, clove and damiana enhance connection and mood. A pleasant dry and bitter finish with lingering notes of bitter orange peel and sencha tea that keep you coming back for more.

Don’t take our word for how good it is, try it out for yourself.

Melati contains 0% ABV (orange juice contains 0.5%), and are truly zero alcohol. We pride ourselves in never using alcohol during our process to ensure we can serve all.

We sustainably source incredible plants, flowers, fungi, spices, roots and aromatic botanicals of the highest quality from all over the world – making sure to support farmers fairly.

These ingredients are extracted and cold pressed in water up to 6 weeks per botanical, then filtered and blended together to create our secret recipe. The processed botanicals are then composted for zero waste.

Our unique process ensures that all the plant goodness and flavouris fully extracted to create the highest quality product.

We are pleased to share that we never use alcohol anywhere in our production and the product contains zero alcohol. Do imbibe with Melati when going alcohol-free.

Melati is gluten-free, vegan and dairy-free. We’ve taken great care to ensure our drink is bottled in a halalcertified facility although we are not yet certified Kosher/Halal.

Melati is made in Singapore. Our team hand blends, bottles and labels each bottle in small batches of 500 to ensure the highest quality. We then box it up with love and ship it to your doorstep.

We recommend storing our bottles in the fridge after opening. Our aperitifs are all natural and the chill keeps those natural ingredients optimal. After opening consume it within 6 weeks.

You may buy our drinks online at www.melatidrinks.com. For an extensive list of our retailers, please visit https://testingmelati.digito.com.sg/stockist/?location=Singapore&category=54&radius=10.

Visit our friends at 1880, Odette, Restaurant Zen, Burnt Ends, The Old Man, Pollen, Nouri, Cicheti, Esquina and more to try us in person. Do ask for us in your favourite bar, hotel and restaurant – we’d love to meet them.

We’ll be having pop-ups and events soon where you can try an array of Melati cocktails and meet other members from our community. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram @Melatidrinks to be the first to know about upcoming events and new locations to sip a Melatispritz


When you join our subscription program, we will automatically send Melati bottles to your doorstep every month. You will be able to choose the quantity when signing up online. Your credit card will be charged monthly.

Subscribers enjoy higher discount rate when subscribing to 2 bottles and more. You have full control over this flexible subscription and are able to pause, cancel, rejoin and change the quantity of your subscription anytime. Simply sit back, relax and enjoy your Melati while we do the replenishment.

First, create an online account (https://testingmelati.digito.com.sg/subscription/) with us. When you login, you’ll be able to access all your membership settings and manage your preferences.

Your subscription begins the day you sign up and you will receive your first monthly shipment within 3 to 5 days. Your subscription cycle is determined by the day you sign up. Thus, if you sign up on the 7th, you’ll always be billed on the 7th and receive your monthly bottles within 3 to 5 days from the 7th

Of course! Simply login to your account and go to Payment Methods on the left panel .

Yes, you can! Once you log in to your membership area, go to Subscriptions on the left panel and click on the View button on your current subscription summary. You will find the Cancel and Pause buttons in this page.

The only way to do this is to cancel your current subscription and re-subscribe with a different quantity. Alternatively, email us at [email protected] and we will assist to do the cancelling and resubscription on your behalf. Please ensure to update us on any desired changes 5 business days before your designated ship date.


Local orders will be delivered FOC within 3 business days, Monday to Friday. If you require specific delivery timing, kindly WhatsApp 90603000.

Yes, we ship to most countries in the world. If you can’t find your country during check out, please email [email protected] and we would be happy to assist with your order and arrange for shipment to your destination.

Your orders will be shipped by Federal Express. Lead time for international  orders are between 7 to 14 days.

Local deliveries and International shipping to USA and Hong Kong are free of charge. Shipping to other countries is SG$15 or US$12 per bottle via Federal Express.


We are only able to refund or exchange items purchased from our website which are damaged upon arrival. Returns and Exchanges must be done within 30 days from date of receipt.

For any other queries please email [email protected] The team will endeavor to respond to all emails within 48 hours.


Sustainability is at the core of our business value.

Our botanicals are sourced responsibly and fairly directly from the farmers who grow them. All our bottles are made of glass and are 100% recyclable and traceable. We’ve gone the extra step to ensure that our raw materials are composted after production. We use recycled material whenever possible and would love for you to repurpose your Melati bottles for flowers, oil or vinegar, or cocktail syrups.